Husband, Handsome, Respected...

Alfie came to us after suffering extreme abuse by humans too awful to mention. The result was he had become a very frightened aggressive horse.

Many humans had tried to ‘fix’ him without success.  Unfortunately he was so disturbed when he arrived that he started attacking the other horses in Billy's herd especially gentle girl Miracle.

Daisy would not tolerate such bad behaviour and one morning we arrived to find Alfie in the corner of the field covered in Daisy shaped hoof marks! She had sent him out of the herd! He was allowed back in once he accepted that he wasn't allowed to be aggressive.

She had achieved something that us humans had not been able to do and Daisy has now dedicated her life to help him with his ongoing healing. In fact they are inseparable now and we believe they are married!  

He is now a very gentle boy who is well loved and respected by all of his horsey family.

                       “I am very sensitive. I feel things very deeply.”

we love carrots