In Loving Tribute...Bella...

                                         In Loving Tribute...Bella...

                                    Beautiful, Magnificent, Gentle...

March 2016 our Beautiful Bella collapsed on the floor and couldn’t get up. Our lovely vet was called. We all tried to help her to get up, enticing her with food and even placing ropes around her body to support her in moving. She tried several times to get up, her back legs would not work and she became tired. She seemed confused at why her body would not do what she wanted it to do.

When the vet came we had a difficult conversation, we couldn’t help her and we agreed we could not let Bella suffer, so we would help her on her way. Sue and Luke lay beside Bella in the mud hugging her and telling her how special she was and Harvey and Lucy came over to say goodbye. A sacred space was created for Bella to aid her passing. As this was done, a huge buzzard started circling above Bella’s head which we understand is meant to represent the gatekeeper to the next realm.

Then a robin came and flew on to a branch nearby which we felt was her friend Merrylegs coming to collect her and then moments after she went... Harvey started panicking and charging around the field frightened.

We glanced up and unbelievably a wild deer was at the bottom of the field followed by more wild deer and we counted 6 in total who came right past Bella through the field and off into the countryside!  In all the years we have been at the sanctuary, we have never seen anything like this.!

We feel this was symbolic of our other 6 horses: Merrylegs, Prince, Spirit, Springy, Madeleine & May, who have passed over coming to greet her. It gave us some comfort at this sad time.

                                      “I will always be by your side.”

                     the 6 horses