Comedian, Mighty, Listener...

Bobby is the herd comedian! and friends with everyone, humans and horses and best friends with Oscar.

Bobby does not like to share his food with anyone, but as he is quite near the bottom of the herd, some of the other horses try to eat his breakfast, so he started cleverly going behind the back of the shelter to ask us to feed him there! This is known as Bobby’s Corner This is a safe and magical place that no other horses know about except Bobby!

He is a completely different boy to when we first took him on as he had had a nervous breakdown after extreme bullying and abuse by humans.

We are happy to see the remarkable transformation in Bobby by just allowing him to be a pony. We have never asked him to do anything than to just enjoy himself, to be himself and to be happy. It is remarkable what healing can take place when you take away pressure, control and dominance. Bobby has since grown, healed and become a relaxed pony who loves to play, eat, sing and tell jokes!

                                                  “I love Food!”

                                                  Bobby’s Corner

we love carrots