Bobby's Corner...

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                                                Bobby's Corner...                            

                                  Bobby’s Safe and Magical Place...

Bobby knows how important it is to have a safe magical place that only you know about...  He also knows what it feels like to be sad, scared, bullied, stressed, pressurised, controlled and / or abused (physically, mentally, emotionally).

Bobby has come from such a dark place into a life filled with joy, happiness, friendship, magic, fulfilment, Love and lots of Light!

Bobby is willing to share his wisdom and upliftment with children or adults, if they feel they would like his help. If you would like him to help you, contact him by sending a message via the web form below or send an email to  or visit him at our Open Day!

All he asks for in exchange is ‘a carrot’ or ‘carrots’ (in his corner!)

we love carrots

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