Loving Matriarch, Zero Tolerance, All Knowing Healer...

Daisy is also a co-founder and a unique individual. She is a magnificent mix of a loving mother to all the herd, as well as a strong disciplinarian and she knows everything that  is going on all the time and  we observe by the movement of one of her ears can send the horses running as her body language and energy is so strong and defined.

She is also a magnificent healer and when her husband Alfie was poorly a couple of years ago, she would not leave his side as she

wanted to give him healing energy and those of us who are sensitive to energy could sense and see this happening.  Alfie made a full recovery.

Daisy loves being hugged and groomed by us humans, however she does not like any humans or horses around her when she eats her breakfast, so we respectfully stand back (so do the horses!) .

         “I am more than people realise.  I am gentle and strong.”

we love carrots