A Mother, Courageous, A Survivor...

Faith came to us as she was living in the Midlands and was terrified of humans and wouldn't allow anyone near her.

She is our little Mommy pony as she is Mom to "baby Michael" (who is not such a baby anymore as he is 5!!)

Faith was originally a wild pony on the moors in Dartmoor but was captured and sold for animal experiments.  She has had the tops of her ears cut off. Faith had her son Michael in the laboratory.

We were so shocked to discover her history which included being hysterical when her baby was taken off her.  After rescuing her, we traced her 3 month old son and raised £350 to buy him. We reunited them as a way of apologising to them both for what humans had done.

It was an incredibly emotional reunion, a day we will cherish forever as they were shocked, delighted and overjoyed to see each other again!

Faith is so much better with humans now and won't run off when she sees us. She still has a way to go and that's fine it's in her time. She knows she's safe now and always has an eye on what her son is up to...which is usually having fun with his mates! She is best friends with Dune.

                       “I am becoming more confident every day.

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