The Four Frenchies

french illyannefrench dodger and dunefrench madeleine 2

                  IllyAnne                             Dodger                   Dune                           Madeleine

The Four Frenchies came over from France as their English owner was very ill and could no longer take care of them. If we hadn’t had them they would all have been split up which would have been so sad as they had been together for ten years and are very close...

There was herd leader Illy-anne a very tall (17 hands) thoroughbred mare, stunning and quite regal, aged 12 to 15, then little white pony called Dune, about 12 hands, and 12 years old, she was really cute and inquisitive, then a cheeky looking black welsh cobb called Dodger (great name for him) then finally little elderly pony Madeleine who we then were told was mother to Dune and had been together for 12 years!!!