In Loving Tribute...Harvey...

                                        In Loving Tribute... Harvey...

                              Handsome, Misunderstood, Sensitive...

Harvey... was a Herd Leader and married to Lucy, who was in her late teens and introduced into the herd 18 months ago, to be a companion to Harvey.

For the last few years Harvey had been the Herd Leader to our elderly horses. However due to them all being in their 20’s - early 30’s, they have since passed over, most recently Charlie... Bella... then Harvey and Lucy..

Harvey came to us after retiring from racing in Ireland. He was one of the worst cases of abuse we have ever seen and had the physical scars to show this. We continued to help him with his physical, mental and emotional issues.

Harvey had hot firing irons placed on his legs to fire his tendons together to make him race quicker rather than allowing him the healing and convalescence that he needed and deserved.

When we first had Harvey he exhibited signs of extreme terror in the most day to day routines. This is why we decided it would be beneficial for Harvey to live with our elderly horses who were very calm so he would not have the pressure from living in a herd environment.

He suddenly found he had lots of ‘grandparents’ in our ‘oldies’ and over the last couple of years his anxiety had lessened. However, sometimes if any voices are raised (by accident) or any sudden movement or by some passersby, we had to reassure Harvey he is safe and be calm as he could still react after all these years.

Harvey received regular Reiki Healing to help him clear and heal the abuse.

Harvey and Lucy grazed together, shared hay together, ate carrots together and could be seen chatting together regularly.

We will never part them!

“Thank you for helping me. I am sorry I still get scared sometimes. I can’t help it.”    

                          harvey in field

                          lucy and harvey

                                                 Lucy and Harvey...