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To help Miracle please donate. This fund is set up to pay for ongoing treatment, medicines and vet bills...

We often feel that even though we are (at the moment) a small horse rescue we seem to be championing horses and questioning why things happen a certain way and today was certainly one of those days!

On arriving at the horse sanctuary this morning with lovely volunteer Ellen we found beautiful "Miracle" with a nasty cut/tear to her back leg. It was so bad we had to ring the vet.

Our vet came out and said Miracle needed all the flesh and fur cut away from the wound, flushed out and bandaged but even with 2 lots of sedation she was in so much pain she wouldn't let us near her leg to do any of these things. So the vet said she would need to go to "horse hospital"

He rang the nearest one to us (which I will not name) On ringing the hospital they said it would be £2,000 to "help" her. They needed £500 when we dropped her off and the balance of £1,500 when we collected her. The charity doesn't have that money at the moment so our vet asked if we could pay with a few instalments? (He even told them we were a small charity and we had rescued her from an abattoir!) The answer .... NO!!!!!

I was in shock. Our vet then sadly suggested the only alternative was to put her to sleep. Now Miracle was indeed rescued from being sold for meat. She's the sweetest natured girl and we will not allow her to be killed over money!!! Hasn't she been though enough?!

After many tears and an adamant refusal from me and Ellen that we couldn't allow her to be killed we have now agreed with our vet that she will stay with us and he will help us with antibiotics and pain killers etc and we will obviously do what we do with complementary therapies and we need to assess within the next few days if she will allow us to cut away the fur and bandage her up (as that fur needs to come off!) if not again the vet wants us to reconsider euthanasia. 

So she's not out of the woods yet and the next few days are crucial for this gorgeous girl so if anyone can help in any way, with helping towards her vet bills or with sending her healing and love that would be great.

It's such a shock that the hospital turned down helping Miracle because we couldn't pay such a large amount of money immediately. Where is the compassion and kindness? I've never heard of humans or dogs or cats being treated this way...In fact one of my dogs sadly died last week of old age and the lovely dog vet hasn't even billed me yet and are so kind so why is it so different in "the horse world" is it because they are not classed as pets? Are they classed as "working animals" so humans do not have emotional attachments to them?

Whatever it is it certainly isn't the way at our sanctuary and we are pioneering a NEW way of treating horses,,,with kindness, love and respect ..,these are gentle gorgeous souls who deserve to be nurtured and helped when they need it.

We are trusting that Miracle WILL recover without the horse hospital helping and that the money will come for her vet bill and her favourite food (she's been so brave today she's had lots of carrots!!)

We love you Miracle xxxxxx

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Sue Gessey. Co-Founder.September 29th 2015