Regal, Giant, Gorgeous...

IllyAnne arrived in the UK with three other horses desperately In need of a secure future. She had been with her French herd for 10 years and we couldn't separate them so agreed to take them all in to the sanctuary.

She quickly became besotted by white horse Westie and he did her and he broke all the fences to be with her! So we merged the English and the French herds and they have lived happily together ever since!

Illyanne is our largest horse and is in charge of our top field. She can be quiet aloof and the other horses know she means business! She can also be very gentle and has had a very close bond with her husband Westie.

He sadly died in March 2016 and she has been deeply affected by this, so we have been supporting her a lot with her grief.

                                    “I am soft and stubborn.”

we love carrots