Handsome, Confident, Boundary Pusher...  

Louie was one of the worst cases of neglect we have ever seen. We rescued him at just 12 months old and he hadn't been fed during one of the harshest winters, when he arrived at the sanctuary he looked like a walking furry skeleton.

He actually collapsed as soon as he got off the lorry and after tests were run he was so weak, ill and deficient that it was suggested he would only have 24 hours to live.

Louie was on the floor unable to move for 18 hours but wanted to eat and drink (small amounts) and during that time 48 humans either sent him healing, prayers, and positive thoughts to help him. Another 11 humans came to help him and we all made a winch to help him stand up and support him while he ate his hay.

It was an intense process for several months as he would regularly collapse however we would just pop the winch on him and get him up again.  

When he was stronger we popped "Baby Michael" in with him and we know he helped him a lot, encouraged him and taught him how to be a pony... We are not sure how much Michael taught him though as they are both quite cheeky ponies now they have both grown up!!  (they are both 5 years old now).

Louie is currently having natural horsemanship coaching and we are very careful of our words and body language around him as he has a tendency to push us around if he thinks he can get away with it so we have to be fair and firm with him.  

He's got such a cute face however he can be a pretty cheeky boy! 

                             “I don’t like rules and I like to play.”

we love carrots