Beautiful, Kind, She is a Miracle...

Miracle is very sweet natured and has been through a lot in her life. We called her Miracle as we rescued her within hours of her destiny for slaughter! We raised money to rescue her from that fate! She is married to Billy and is well liked by all the horses. She is so sweet and inoffensive.

In October 2015, she had a freak accident and seriously damaged her back leg. Even though a vet recommended she be put to sleep, we refused to accept that option, as we felt she could make a complete recovery in our daily loving care. A different vet was willing and happy to work with us... daily bandaging, washing, medicine, honey, reiki, nutrition and Love!

Miracle has made a complete recovery. Five months later her fur is growing back and our volunteers continue to bathe her leg each day to ensure she continues to receive the care she needs and deserves.  The love Miracle has received from volunteers and supporters is truly beautiful and we know she is really grateful and feels very special.

Miracle is indeed the Miracle!.

                                               “I am safe now.

we love carrots