Natural Horsemanship...

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                                          'Natural Horsemanship'...

We are committed to working through Natural Horsemanship in partnership with all our horses, using both our energy and body language to connect.

Words we speak are loving, kind, joyful, fun, soft, firm, gentle, strong or uplifting; avoiding any harsh words, shouting, pulling or hitting...treating as we want to be treated ourselves in Love and Respect!

I had a Natural Horsemanship lesson with Rhian and the horses. The Horses and Rhian are amazing! I used the gentle rope head collar (which is great as the horse can feel the energy through it) and pointed at which way I wanted them to go and they walked with me! I then didn’t say a word, instead I brought my focus and my energy back as if I was going to stop and they stopped!

Rhian was quite amazed at how good they were with the natural techniques and exercises we did. We both praised and congratulated them on what clever horses they were! They of course loved that!"

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                                          With Love and Light Sue x


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