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Somehow the world’s largest animal charity The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) got to hear about what we have been doing and rang me up for a chat! They have been so impressed with all the healing work and use of complementary therapies we use they wanted to present us with a SPECIAL CARE FOR ANIMALS AWARD. WOW!!! AND WOW AGAIN!! And yes I did cry on the phone when the nice lady told me!!

After that ITV news rang me up and Central TV came down to do a feature on us for the Central Evening News and especially about how we had helped Louie! SO Louie was filmed having some Reiki from me!! …..and boy did he enjoy the stardom!! He was a true professional! His best mate ‘Baby Michael’ was NOT impressed and came over while I was being interviewed and tried to drag me away by the sleeve of my coat! SO funny, unfortunately they didn’t show that on the TV!! Ha ha, on a serious note, we have been overjoyed and excited by what this means for us.

I went to London to The House of Lords to pick up the award and took some dear friends with us, Gary Oakes we love you Gary) who was with us back in 2008 when we started the charity and used to help us with just Billy & Daisy then, and also Sue Orchard (we love you Sue) who has been such a dear friend and supporter of ours since the start as well as Pam Holliday & Jill & John Smith who have all been regularly volunteering at the farm helping us for over a year now.

We had such an amazing day.

I was presented with the  award by Brian May (what a lovely Man!) and Baroness Gale and met loads of amazing people doing amazing selfless work with and for animals around the UK. It was an uplifting and humbling experience and one we will treasure for ever.   

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