Sweet, Wants to join in, Be in the centre of everything...

Pearl came to us as a very aggressive pony but this was only because she had been very badly treated by humans, she had been abused and terrorised so she learnt to attack first rather than risk being attacked by humans!

She was desperately lonely as she had had no pony friends for seven years! We were cautioned by her 'trainer' not to allow her to be with other horses as she was so aggressive. We didn’t agree!

We decided placing her in Billy's herd would help her to heal. We told Billy about Pearl. When she arrived it was magical! She entered the field and the other horses did a dance around her in a circle as she watched in amazement!

Billy then walked up to her and they faced each other and spent ages gazing at each other, Billy was surely explaining who he was and where she was, in a safe sanctuary. He then walked back, the herd galloped in a Circle around Pearl again and she joined in at the end! It was staggering to watch!  

Pearl has blossomed at the Sanctuary and loves living in a herd with 9 other horses. She always wants to join in with the munching and the chatting and likes to be in the centre of any activities going on.  She is no longer aggressive; with humour and instead will come and ask for a cuddle.

We are delighted at how far she has come, especially when we were told she could never change.

            “I’ve let go of my anger. I am loved and have friends.”

we love carrots