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                                        Posh, Pretty, Sensitive...

Ruby is one of our posh ladies... She is a very pretty girl who has many horsey admirers including Louie and Ringo!

When she first arrived at the sanctuary she didn't know how to be a horse as she had spent a lot of her life as a competition horse so was kept indoors unless being transported on a lorry to compete or trained. She was frightened of the other horses and didn't even seem to know that she could eat the grass beneath her feet!

We popped our gentle elderly horse Cottie in a field with her and she taught Ruby how to be a horse. Ruby would follow Cottie everywhere and copied her constantly from running, and playing to even eating grass!

Ruby is now a confident girl and likes to live with her horsey family. She is gentle and sensitive and is currently having a romantic relationship with Ringo! Or is it Louie?  So many admirers!  

                     “I know what I want and what I don’t want.”

we love carrots