In Loving Tribute...Spirit...

                                         In Loving Tribute...Spirit...

                                       Strongwilled, Baby, Loveable...

She was given this name as we rescued her just before Christmas, so Christmas Spirit!  She was the pony with the biggest attitude!!!

Spirit was left tied up outside the gates of a livery yard a few weeks before a very cold and snowy Christmas, a baby of about twelve months old.

We obviously agreed to take her and so called her our Christmas ‘Spirit’.

At first her tummy was so swollen, the vet thought she was pregnant but a baby didn’t arrive so we think she was just malnourished and had worms!! (which we treated).

We had her for eighteen months now and she certainly lived up to her name! She was a tiny Shetland pony but was the most fearless horse we had!! She bossed everyone about! Humans and Horses!

We believe the reason she was dumped was because her hooves were deformed so she could not be sold or ridden so no one could make any money from her! She may be bossy but was very cute and the one person that she didn’t boss about is our golden Labrador Millie who is a great horse whisperer!!

                                             “I love my family”.

                   winter coat spirit 235