Make A Difference...

    a miracle of life

‘Every Donation gives a miracle of Life!’

We are able to do what we do for these Animals through ‘Your Support’... Every Sponsor and Donation contributes to giving these Horses care, food and sanctuary with a chance of Happiness, Hope, a Future and a Loving Caring Home!!! At the same time we are also Stopping Abuse! Preventing Harm and also Educating anew!

Thank you to everyone who has donated, is donating and those individuals and businesses that sponsor our Horses. With your ongoing support, we are able to continue providing our Healing Sanctuary for these magnificent Living Beings...

We welcome Sponsors for our Horses and Ponies...  We welcome Donations for our Horses and Ponies, Horse Essentials and any of our Funds, which can be made direct or a one off payment...♥♥♥


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