Sue's Story...


                                            'Sue's Story'...

"I have always loved Animals and Nature as a child. As soon as I left home, I became Vegetarian and started volunteering  to help out at my local the Animal Rescue,which is when I started accumulating various animals, including rabbits, a squirrel and a dog called Hooch!.

My passion has always been with animals, as it warms my heart.

Until my late 20's I had always been very healthy and I then became very poorly with glangular fever.The Doctors said I would have it for the rest of my life and couldn't do anything more for me.A friend - a Reiki Master, volunteered to send me some healing from a distance over a period of 4 days.I didn't beleive in it at the time, however I was desperate and willing to give it a go.The experience was so profound, that  by the 5th day, I felt completely well and returned to the Doctors,who could not believe that my blood tests showed the virus had gone.Within 7 days, I booked myself on to a Reiki First Degree Course and continued to study with my amazing teacher for the next three years!

During this time I served a 12 month apprenticeship with an intense self mastery course,to become a Reiki Master Teacher and came out a completely changed person.During my development, my clairvoyance opened and I was surprised to see energy.This included  seeing the chakras and where balancing needed to occur,also people's guides, animal guides and even  past lives!This was a complete contrast to my day job as a Sales Rep / Sales Trainer working in the financial sector, teaching staff and talking to customers!

Once I started working with the Reiki energy, I began part time and teaching a few courses. In 2004. At this time my hilarious dog called Hooch was obsessed with playing football, so I would treat him each month to a new football from my local Sports shop that the two of us would frequent regularly and were well known.

My partner at the time, Martin, myself and Hooch got to know the sales girl in the shop who told us she was a volunteer at a local Horse Rescue. Martin told her that I did Reiki and she asked if I would go and help the horses - which I agreed to do with delight. I then  gave free healing at a Horse Rescue, where I then worked for 4 years.

I was surprised to hear one of the horses - Daisy communicate - she asked "Why doesn't anyone want me?" This was at the time the Horse Rescue was under financial pressure and the horses were being re-homed. As It closed,  I adopted two of the horses - Daisy and Billy, who I still have to this day.

I then started working and communicating with other horses and animals with paid healing work. In 2008 I was offered another horse - Inka who the vet told the owner she had a disease in her legs and would need to be put to sleep. I decided to take Inka. I was able to treat her with a combination of treatments...Reiki, bio chemistry, herbal medicine and bowen therapy. Inka is now fine without disease and enjoys galloping around the fields with her friends!

It was at this time in 2008 with the arrival of Inka, that I started the Charity with my partner Richard. By October 2010, we had rescued 9 horses, I was faced with the decision of either keeping our home or keeping the horses! I could no longer afford financially to fund both!  I kept the horses!

A promise was made to each of the Horses, to keep them safe and protect them which was far more important than a house! An advert was put out for grazing and a lovely man called Ken Gallagher offered great grazing at a farm in Wythall. With the help of Jayne Bills and John Weston and their horse lorry, the horses were all moved to their new home. It was very emotional.  Since then I have rescued and helped '36 Horses' with a range of issues from nervous breakdown, physical and mental abuse, neglect, starvation and lack of emotional care...

I have since seperated from my partner then Richard and am now working with the Team to move the Charity forward...

I work alongside our Vet for emergencies and use Reiki Healing, communication, herbal medicine, bowen therapy, bio-chemistry homeopathy, nutritional support and many more therapies.

I have developed my telepathic communication over the years with all sorts of animals and now today, I share my gift, offering the folowing to enable others to communicate and heal their animals and pets too.

        Animal Healing & Distance Healing    Workshops & Courses

                                     I also work with Humans...

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There are so many people that have helped make the Animal Healing Trust & Horse Rescue happen.

Thank you from me and the Horses.

With Love and Light. Sue x logo-003