Support Alfie...


Monday 20th November... Alfie had a nasty kick off his wife Daisy which the vet was concerned had caused internal damage and a possible hair line fracture!!

We had to walk him up to the top of the sanctuary for the vet to help him but he was so upset and screaming and calling to his 9 horse family members ....It was loud!!

We really felt for him and kept reassuring him he was safe.

The vet returned for a second time with 2 nurses and an X-ray machine and ..... phew results show he looks fine!!!

He is in pain so he's on pain relief, rescue remedy for shock and high potency zinc to help his natural healing to take effect ... plus he has received reiki healing, love and positive thoughts from so many ... so thank you xxxxxx

We want him to be with his family but can't risk him being in the mud as his leg is badly injured so our amazing volunteers have spent loads of time ... in the rain ... clearing the coral next to Alfie's field so he can be back with his family but in a small enclosure that is mud free !!

Oh he is a happy boy this evening!!

He has his new snuggly coat on, a bale of hay to himself, and can chat to his family over the fence.

Us humans are all cold and drenched but we are so happy that Alfie will be ok .... that was a frightening experience!!

Thank you everyone who has showered love to Alfie today especially our amazing volunteers xxxxx Love and kindness is all that matters xxxxxxx

   ***You can support Alfie by donating towards his vet fees***

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