Meet the Co-Founders...


      'The Co-Founders of the Animal Healing Trust & Horse Rescue'...

The Animal Healing Trust & Horse Rescue was set up as a non profit charity in 2008, with my dog Hooch, my 2 original Rescue Horses  Daisy  and  Billy with Richard and then came Inka.

Our Mission - "Helping Animals where others have given up!"

We are committed to a 'Whole' or 'Holistic Approach'  to help the Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual well-being of all the Animals in our care.

We look at each of our Horses as a 'Whole' to support ALL their needs for their Well-Being, be they Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual and treat accordingly using Holistic Therapies, Hands on Healing, lots of Love and Companionship.

Horses like all animals are creatures with feelings and they have the ability to communicate in their own special way. We work in partnership with each Horse, communicate and respect their individual needs.

Each Horse  has their words and personality to share with You!

My Vision is to develop the Sanctuary to help more Animals. and my Dream is to involve the Horses with folks who are known to respond to Horses such as working with Children with Special Needs, Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation programmes...etc as Horses are Healing Creatures and can help Humans and also an Animal Healing Clinic at the Sanctuary for folks to bring their Animals and Pets for Healing! I am passionate to share with folks... Magical times are ahead.

With Love and Light. Sue Gessey x