Our Amazing Horses...


                                        'Our Amazing Horses'...

All of our Horses in the Sanctuary represent different aspects of the horse world! We have ex race horses, show jumpers, competition horses, pets, horses from France, from an animal experiment laboratory, the wild, riding school, even destined for the slaughterhouse! Horses that have been abused, ill treated, poorly, depressed, had a breakdown, not been fed for months or homeless.

Horses form very strong and loving bonds. Some bonds are so strong between male and female we term them as being married! 

We observe our horse’s behaviour on a daily basis to pick up any issues we may need to help with e.g. excluded from the herd and sent away; keeping their self to their self and emotional issues such as being fed up or depressed which we may treat with daily healing and supplements.

We spot naughty or aggressive behaviour like bullying for which we implement some Natural Horsemanship with the Horse to teach them respect and manners. ...With Love... ♥♥♥

                          loving each other