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Dune and Ringo are 2 gentle ponies who both came to the sanctuary separately a few years ago.

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                               Thank you SO much in advance
       From Sue, Luke and all the volunteers, horses and ponies xxx


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Dune came all the way from France. Her English human owner lived in France and was struggling with the start of dementia and had  4 horses for 10 years who lived together. She was concerned that her illness would mean her horses would be taken off her and sold to be eaten so she brought them to the UK and left them over night in a local livery yard. But never returned to collect them.

We originally intended to only rescue the elderly horse called madeleine but when we saw them all huddled together we knew we had to take on all 4 of them as they couldn't be parted . Dune was one of these lovely frenchies.

Ringo has a different story his lovely human owner had shocking news that she had terminal cancer and only had weeks to live . Her dying wish was that her 2 horses Max and Ringo came to our sanctuary to be kept together and to be safe .

We couldn't say no, we obviously took them both.

Years later both little girl Dune and spotty boy pony Ringo have become very poorly Ringo has this week been diagnosed with horse equivalent of diabetes.

Dune has been diagnosed with cushings disease and laminitis too.

Both are serious conditions and explains why both are struggling to walk as they are both in severe pain and discomfort.

                              We need to take immediate action!

We are moving them both to a small paddock together and they will have their own house in the paddock and less of an area to eat the grass (which is causing them issues) and they won't have to make an effort to walk.

We need to raise a lot of money for their vet bills and medication too.

They will both need new and special food which is very expensive and daily medicines, hay, vitamins and supplements and other things too.

We have calculated we need to raised £1,000 asap to help them through the winter!

So we have started a "Just giving" page as that is the quickest and easiest way to raise funds for these 2 special souls... Go to Just Giving... or send a cheque payable to 

                                      The Animal Healing Trust,

  Animal Healing Trust, 13 Wellington Road, Bromsgrove, Worcs B60 2AZ

               Any donation even if just a £1 is so gracefully received .

                Thank you so much for your love and support xxxxxxx

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