In Loving Tribute...Westie...

                                          In Loving Tribute...Westie...                        

                                              Loving, Wise, Grounded...

In March 2016 just one week after Bella, our long standing herd leader Westie sadly collapsed on the floor in the field.

We called our lovely vet. He agreed Westie was old and had lived a full life and it was now his time to go.

All of us humans lay down with Westie, kissed, hugged him and we told him how much we all love him.

All of the horses stood by respectfully watching. A sacred space was created for Westie to aid his passing. As he took his last breath, even though it was incredibly sad for all the horses and humans we ALL knew he was surrounded by Love.

Once the humans had left the field, one by one each horse came over to Westie and either sniffed him, put their nose on him to encourage him to move or gently nudged him with their feet to ask him to get up. We were all very touched by the gentle interaction of these huge creatures with their beloved Leader. None of them wanted to lose him.

Several of the younger ones stayed standing around him for hours and his wife IllyAnne was motionless, staring into the distance. The next morning we even found Ringo asleep next to him on the floor and IllyAnne standing close by.

When we were able to remove his body, all of the horses stood silently watching and we knew we would have to help them all with their grief.

Weeks later IllyAnne has taken over the herd; however no other hierarchy has yet been established, so we are supporting them during this process.

May we also add that moments after Westie died... 3 beautiful geese loudly honked and flew over Westie, as if a sign, that we feel is symbolic to show us that our three beloved horses Charlie, Bella and Westie are flying high together off to a new beginning...

This gave us all some comfort at this sad time.

                                 “I will always be in your hearts.”